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My family founded ADG Enterprises  because we saw a need for trustworthy natural remedies after witnessing our nephew’s struggle with focus and concentration problems as a child. My sister and her husband were baffled at the limited options available to him and the side effects he endured from some prescription medications. We have always been big supporters of holistic health and have used many herbal and homeopathic remedies for our health problems.  It was only natural for us to find an alternative remedy for our nephew’s issues. Once we saw the difference natural remedies made in his behavior, we knew we had to share our holistic approach with the world.

We strongly believe that the best way to treat any condition is to take a holistic approach. We encourage closely examining diet, lifestyle and natural remedies in order to find a complete solution for all ailments.  We are not against using western medicine, we do believe in trying a natural approach as the first resort. We hope this website provides you with the information needed to embrace a holistic lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, while harnessing nature’s inherent wisdom to maintain and restore health.

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